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System Selection, Contract Negotiation & Installation services save our clients time, money and aggravation. We help avoid the pitfalls and problems of a complex, confusing process. For a complete new ERP/MRP system or add-on warehouse management system (WMS), we help avoid picking the wrong system, over-paying and signing a contract that doesn't protect our client. Helping in ways that non-specialists can't, we:

$ provide the team with a FREE checklist of advanced and key features the team doesn't know about; they use it to identify features needed in the new ERP/MRP/WMS

$ for WMS/VDP/PTL, develop a plan for changes needed in the warehouse, so the WMS will not make things worse than before -- we avoid a "horror story"; and we estimate true costs and challenges, and realistic benefits and savings

$ for ERP/MRP/WMS, create key questions for vendors, about the client's specific, unique, long-term needs, and questions that reveal hidden problems with software and support

$  know what many systems really can and can't do, and so recommend which systems to examine and which systems to avoid 

$ cut through technobabble to analyze proposals, turn demos into fact-finding sessions, compare complex systems, and select the most cost-effective one

$ amend the contract of the selected vendor, and negotiate it, replacing useless "best efforts" terms with specific performance guarantees and add dozens of specific performance guarantees

    $  help test the system before delivery, and help with installation and initial system use.