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Super-Sizing Profits and Customer-Service is provided only to companies whose software can be modified:

- Avoiding short-ships, stockouts and excess inventory, while increasing Return on Inventory Investment (ROII). We help the client modify their software to use statistical formulas, probability tables and logic rules that we assembled and call the "Method." The Method uses historical data (and special data which is not currently saved) to reduce shortages and excess -- by precisely calculating inventory parameters and quantities. This in turn results in buying the right quantities at the right time. The Method also determines the most profitable service level for each item. It also reduces purchasing time because the Method makes decisions that are tricky and time-consuming. Expediting and rush orders also decrease. Warehouse space is freed up and less effort is needed for receiving, put away and counting -- which could reduce staffing. Because it's dynamic, our Method constantly optimizes ROII and related customer service. The specifics of the Method are tailored to the client's way of doing business, and we work with the client team from functional design stage through post-live review of results. Doing this manually would require hiring many people.


- Automatically Increasing Gross Margin Revenue involves helping modify the client's software to use pricing formulas that automatically increase gross margin revenue and keep it higher. Our formulas examine data for every customer and item they bought or can buy, without regard to other customers/items. The formulas automatically increase prices when certain conditions occur; and increase them in a way that minimizes customer detection. This method boosts $ GM more than any other pricing-management method. Once implemented, the formulas automatically adjust prices as conditions change. Doing this manually would require hiring several people.




The savings and benefits from any of these services quickly pay for our services.