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Litigation Support, Expert Witness Testimony and Advice to Clients and Investment and Law Firms..

.. on  inventory, warehouse and system acquisition/use issues

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony involves working with clients and/or their counsels to help establish what was promised by a system vendor, and what was actually delivered -- or not delivered, or not working as promised. It also encompasses services related to business operations, such as counting and valuing inventory, determining if personnel are stealing inventory, and determining if warehouse/office procedures/controls are being deliberately ignored to cause problems. This service can also involve testimony in depositions, arbitration hearings and in court.

Advice to Investment Firms includes providing information about the information technologies used by wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, and information about software and systems services offerings to wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. 

Furthermore, we also help software/system providers determine market potential or current and new offerings.