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Preventing Warehouse Mistakes and Avoiding Inventory Short-ships and Stockouts That Lose Sales and Customers  

We help clients in unique ways that others canít, because we are experienced warehouse management/operations and inventory-management experts; and arenít defensive about warehouse management/operations and inventory management (unlike some people). 

Based on experience, we developed a comprehensive, 150-point Checklist that is used for evaluating warehouse organization and operations, and inventory management. 

For preventing warehouse mistakes, we use the warehouse portions of the Checklist to evaluate:

    -- the arrangement and organization of the warehouse

    -- for each functional area (e.g., receiving), procedures, controls and use of forms

    -- skills of system users

    -- use of, or need for, technology in the warehouse

    -- management and supervision.

To avoid inventory short-ships and stock outs, and excess inventory, we use the inventory and purchasing portions of the Checklist to evaluate:

    -- procedures and controls for purchasing and inventory management

    -- system settings

    -- the helpfulness of software functions (which sometimes aren't so helpful, and require a work around)

    -- management of purchasing and inventory management personnel.

Then we create a Recommendations Report, with improvements that are tailored to the client's way of doing business and divided into Immediate Action, Mid-Term Action and Long-Term Action categories. After client personnel read the Report, we all develop an Action Plan, with the names of specific, responsible people and target dates;  the client's team uses the Action Plan to implement the Recommendations. Our  Recommendations often result in large, fast benefits.  And we ensure success by following up as implementation progresses.

The extra profit from just one of our improvements quickly pays for this service.