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Customer-Service and Profit Improvement services help clients use their systems in unique, more-profitable ways that overcome shrinking margins and rising costs We get results others canít because: we are distribution/manufacturing-system experts; we developed ways to use systems more profitably; we arenít defensive about the system and how it is used (unlike some people). 

A few of the functions where our system-use ideas produce lasting benefits are

      customer/item pricing (including unique ways to use matrix pricing)

      MRP purchasing  


      sales-order entry  


We produce large, fast increases in profits and customer service because we created and use a checklist of the ways to use a system to do so.

The extra profit from just one of our recommendations quickly pays for this service.  

Our recommendations improve user skills, business processes (procedures and controls) and the use of software-functions (via changing parameters to more-profitable values, and implementing work arounds). 

Our more-profitable recommendations are tailored to each client's way of doing business.